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Willy Mayo, percussionist

Venezuela Art & Expressions: One evening - Five different artistic expressions

Photography, Sculptures, Choral Music, Percussion & Dance

Date: Friday, Sept 16th

Venue: Art Commons - Engineered Air Theatre - 205 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K9

Time: 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7:00 p.m.)

FACES OF THE FOREST’S CHILDREN (Rostros de Los Hijos de la Selva). Photography and Sculpture Exhibition: This exhibition brought to you from the mind of Carlos Arturo Betancourt Castro, a photography historian, is an invitation to look and to analyze, in an unprecedented way, the faces of the Indigenous People in Venezuela.

PERCUSSION MASTER CLASS: A map of Afro-Venezuelan musical expressions: a unique opportunity to learn how to build a diversity of drums and to play the Afro-Venezuelan rhythms.

Special guest: Venezuelan luthier, musician, percussionist and expert in folkloric rhythms, Willy Mayo. Recognized in 2009 as Urban Cultural Heritage by the Institute of Cultural Heritage in Venezuela.

Local Artists:

  • Cantares Venezuelan Choir will join Willy Mayo for a fusion of choral music and percussion instruments
  • Musician and Percussionist Luis “El Pana” Tovar
  • Venezuelan Folk-Musical Group La Parranda

AFRO-VENEZUELAN CONTEMPORARY DANCE PERFORMANCE: The Afro–Venezuelan rhythms have African roots fused with multicultural influences of Caribbean dance, Spain and Indigenous Venezuelan people. Afro-Venezuelan dance is typically joyful, free-spirited and usually connected with a specific fiesta or celebration.

Local Artist: Marice Urbina. Venezuelan Folk and Modern Professional Dancer

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