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Cantares Latin Choir, Ottawa 2019

X Anniversary

2010 - 2020

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Cantares Venezuelan Cultural Foundation was created in 2011, under the Alberta Societies Act (Chapter S-14), as a not-for-profit organization to promote the diffusion of Latin-American culture, with emphasis on the Venezuelan folklore; by supporting multiple artistic and cultural activities; including but not limited to musical expressions.

Our mission

Based in Calgary, Cantares Venezuelan Cultural Foundation's (and its affiliates) main interest is enlightening Calgary's multiculturalism by promoting the diffusion of artistic expressions. The Foundation is committed to contribute to the City's cultural diversity, while fostering the involvement in performing arts by individuals and community groups. To this end, the foundation supports the endeavours of multiple musical ensembles, and organizes and supports quality cultural events and activities that are affordable to the general public. We also support local charity through fundraising campaigns and concerts.

Our Vision

To be a reference point for those interested on approaching Latin American artistic and cultural expressions in the city of Calgary and the Province of Alberta. 

We hope to see you again! There's much more to come!

Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Cantares Venezuelan Cultural Foundation relies heavily not only on outside funding in order to produce our events but also on the dedication of many volunteers whose active participation and contribution help to make our projects an entire success.

Our funding comes from a combination of government grants, foundation grants, as well as corporate and private sponsors.

Please present your donations to

"Diablos de Yare" one of the most popular folkloric expresions in Venezuela.

La Parranda at Expolatino (Prince's Island Park) on August 2019.

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