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Movie Night: Date Oct 6

Double feature

Globe Cinema - 617 8th Av SW Calgary, T2P 1H1 



by Andrea Herrera Catala

Filmed in Venezuela and Argentina, Nena, Saludame al Diego is a comedy talking about family ties. It tells the story of Isabel a manager of Culture Channel, which is in crisis due to low ratings. Isabel trusts that Sofia, her daughter, will save her career by being the new image of the Venezuelan youth. However, Sofia, who has just returned from Spain where she studied journalism, has her own plans. 



by Diego Rísquez

A biography about the Venezuelan singer Felipe Pirela. Born in Maracaibo, Zulia State, in September 1940 Felipe Antonio Pirela Morón was known as the Bolerista (a bolero singer) of America. The film shows Felipe's life, his trayectory as singer, his marriage and the drama he was living in. Starring Jesus (Chino) Miranda.

Globe Cinema: 617 8 Ave Sw Calgary 

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