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La Parranda at Globalfest 2015

La Parranda

Parranda means fun. 

La Parranda is a musical group devoted to present and exhibit traditional and popular Venezuelan music, it is available for informal folkloric events. 

La Parranda has performed at the Venezuelan Pavillion in various editions of the Calgary Globalfest. It has also performed at the One Cafe, Village and Main stages in multiple occasions.

The photo at the right shows La Parranda at the Globalfest 2014 accompanied by Luis "El Pana" Tovar (percussion), Jorge Szeoke (cuatro), Alejandro Decker (percussion) and Willie Mercado (furruco). Marice Urbina fromDynamic Latin Souland Andres Peluso (right above) showed the moves of "tambores" dance.

Rehearsal schedule for La Parranda is seasonal. Main instruments for La Parranda are: cuatro, tambores, and maracas. But we may also include: piano, bass, and flute among others.

More recently, La Parranda has also performed at Fiestaval (July) and Expolatino (August). In the video, on August 17, 2019 dancers from Dance Fusion group showed drums dance while Rafael Reyes is the soloist for Candela Fuego, one of many Venezuelan drums song.

Parranderos 2019 - 2020

Would like to have some fun? Join La Parranda and become a "parrandero", one who sings parranda?

Please contact:

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